dimanche 19 février 2006

Breaking The Ice, It's Freezing In Here

So how do you we begin this whole thing ?! How about a would be presentation that doesn't seem too boring.... Hmmmm. Basically, I'm a film buff who's been having problems getting my films completed the past few years due to lack of money (what else ?). After having all these problems, I hope to pick things up this summer when I get a new editing facility and hopefully get back on the wagon to create something.

If you're a creative person and can't do shit to create, I guess you can understand what it is to go through. Long, depressing and frustrating. So, I started this blog after reading one of my friend's and on a drunken night, I applied. I might as well try to do something with it. I guess you'll read about films I see, thoughts and other shit like that. We shall see if it gets interesting or if it gets boring like hell.

So let's start this damn thing and hope for the best.

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