lundi 17 mars 2008

THE LOST en DVD demain....

Sortie importante demain ! THE LOST de Chris Sivertson..... Il vaut le déplacement et traîne dans les méandres de la distribution depuis un bout, malheureusement. Courez vers ce film et dites ce que vous en pensez ! Buko-san approved. hehe. Le résumé de la jaquette:

« Once upon a time, a boy named Ray Pye put crushed beer cans in his boots to make himself taller. But this is no fairy tale: For suburban sociopath Ray (Marc Senter) and his friends, small-town life is a dead end road for sex, drugs, liars and losers. And what begins with a sudden act of senseless violence will climax in a mind-blowing frenzy of depravity... with the worst still yet to come.

Michael Bowen (Kill Bill), Dee Wallace-Stone (Rob Zombie's Halloween), Ed Lauter (True Romance), Megan Henning (7th Heaven), Katie Cassidy (Black Christmas) and Erin Brown (aka Misty Mundae) co-star in this controversial shocker adapted from the infamous novel by Jack Ketchum and based on the true story that stunned America. »